Complete thru-hole assembly technology, with an emphasis on quality and detail

Back in 1983 when we began providing PCB assembly services, thru-hole technology was primarily the main process used to populate PCBs. As technology evolved, SMT (surface mount technology) became the more efficient process. It was quicker and would allow the customer to get a product built faster, and to the market sooner, all while doing so utilizing a smaller PCB.  The majority of the builds we see today are a combination of SMT and thru-hole technology, referred to as “mixed technology”. 

For printed circuit board assemblies requiring thru-hole technology, we offer complete manufacturing solutions. Component prep, load, and hand soldering are performed using a variety of methods. 

Wave Solder Technology

Wave soldering is done using our Vectra wave soldering systems and flux residue is removed with an H20 inline cleaning system utilizing de-ionized water. Our high performance dual wave technology allows for defect-free soldering of conventional thru-hole assemblies. 

Selective Solder Technology

For densely populated mixed technology assemblies that require both SMT and thru-hole assembly, Circuit Pak offers selective solder capabilities.  This technology allows us to efficiently process densely populated mixed technology assemblies with ease. 

We offer both Tin/Lead and Lead Free (ROHS) solder options for wave and selective solder processes.