Flexible solutions to fit your build requirements

We offer the flexibility to do either full turn-key or consigned assembly, when it comes to assembling your job.

We specialize in printed circuit board assembly, so it does not make a difference if you supply the parts, or we do.  Our end goal is to make your experience as smooth as possible, while delivering an exceptional product.


Consigned Assembly:

If you find that kitting your build is the best route for your company to take, then you can send us your boards and parts and we will take it from there! Please be sure to look over the below Kit Requirements for Consigned Assembly list, as well as refer to the documentation checklist at the bottom of the page, to ensure that once we receive your kit we can hit the ground running and minimize delays in production.


Kit Requirements for Consigned Assembly


    1. Due to part attrition during the production process, we need more parts that your BOM calls for.  The chart below breaks down overage requirements based on package size and is the recommended guideline when kitting your build:
Package  Recommended Minimum Overage
0201,0402 20%
0603, 0805 20%
1206, 1210, 1411, 2012 10%
Thru Hole  1%
FP, BGA 1%
All unused parts will be returned with your finished assemblies.
*If you have expensive components and can not supply the above recommended overage, please let us know at the time you request a quote.
  1. Each bag/reel/tray must be clearly marked with the corresponding part number as listed on your supplied BOM.
  2. If components are moisture or static sensitive, please package them in static-controlled packaging.
  3. We prefer all SMT components to be supplied on one continuous tape with a minimum leader of 12 inches. If SMT components are supplied loose, or cut strip, then a reeling fee would apply to tape, reel, and add the leader.



  1. PCBs must be supplied with fiducial markers on all panels (global fids), as well as local fids on individual PCBs to allow for proper registration during the set-up process. We recommend at least 3 fiducial markers on each panel and PCB.
  2. We will need the panel gerber files in order to order a stencil for the PCB/array for production if the build contains SMT components.
  3. We recommend supplying your PCBs in a panelized array if they are smaller in size, with mouse bites or v-scored to allow for depanelization.
  4. All PCBs/arrays will need rails at a minimum of 5 mm, in order to allow us to run them successfully through all automated machines.


Turn-Key Assembly:

If you do not have the resources to hunt down all the materials, then choose our turn-key option. We will track down all the materials needed (based on your supplied BOM) to build your assembly, so you can focus on your business.
Utilizing our established relationships with numerous vendors, we have a great support network that can get you the best pricing and lead time. All you need to do is submit the required documentation (listed below) and a P.O., and we will take it from there.


Documentation Checklist:

Regardless of the assembly option chosen, we will need the following documentation/files in order to quote, and build your assembly:

  • Bill of Material (containing part #, quantity, description and designations) in Excel format
  • Assembly drawing(s) with component locations
  • Dimensions of PCB
  • XY Files in text format for SMT if applicable
  • Gerber files* for SMT if applicable

**The Gerber files must contain stencil files for each side of assembly (please note stencil cannot be ordered until PCB is here at CPI)

  • ASCII and/or CAD design files
  • Any special requirements/precautions
  • List of components not installed, if applicable
  • Lead Free or Tin/Lead process
  • Water clean or no clean process
  • Quantity and Delivery requirements