If you need reliable printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services, Circuit Pak offers multiple high-quality capabilities to meet your requirements. Learn more about the different types of PCB assembly solutions, kitting and quality control processes, and value-added services available from Circuit Pak.

Surface Mount Assembly and Thru-Hole Assembly

At Circuit Pak, we offer four high-speed surface mount assembly lines that use innovative technology to provide fast, precise placement of all components, regardless of their size. Our production lines can process PCB assemblies ranging from relatively simple to highly complex, at speeds of about 80,000 parts per hour without compromising final product quality.

You can also benefit from our comprehensive thru-hole assembly capabilities, which are ideal for applications requiring reliability and robustness. Our team can develop PCBs of varying complexity with consistent quality and cost-effectiveness. We offer both wave solder and selective solder technologies to meet the unique needs of various PCB assemblies.

Kitting Options and Quality Control

With the help of kitting, we simplify assembly and maximize manufacturing efficiency. Circuit Pak has a dedicated Quality Control Department staffed with experienced technicians who use innovative defect-detection technology to identify and correct errors, enabling us to develop top-quality PCB assemblies with every project. In addition, our thorough testing processes guarantee optimized performance and reliability in every design.

If you need kitting for your application, you have two main choices with Circuit Pak:

  • Supply Your Own Kit: You can supply Circuit Pak with your own kit for PCB assembly if you want to incorporate specific components.
  • Circuit Pak-Managed Kitting: If you would rather put kitting in the hands of our experts, we can do so through managed kitting services.

Our quality control measures are backed by:

  • Cutting-Edge Defect Detection Equipment: Our Quality Control Department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that performs automated inspections to effectively and efficiently detect assembly defects.
  • Skilled Technicians: We also employ highly skilled technicians who perform high-quality manual visual inspections, giving our customers consistently great results that meet their industry requirements.
  • Rigorous Testing: To ensure PCB reliability and performance, we thoroughly test every assembly after manufacturing.

Value-Added Services

Circuit Pak also provides several value-added services to support our core capabilities:

  • Conformal Coating: We can coat PCB assemblies with a conformal coating that protects circuits from chemicals, dust, moisture, and other elements that could otherwise cause gradual wear or damage. This coating prepares PCB assembly products for use in all types of environments.
  • Laser Serialization: Another service we offer is laser serialization, which increases the traceability of PCB assemblies for proper identification, warranty tracking, quality control, and improved supply chain management.
  • Box Builds: We can also provide turnkey box builds for customers seeking complete system integration. Our box-build services consist of assembling circuit boards, connectors, wiring, and other components into a single operational unit.
  • Solder Paste Inspection (SPI): Circuit Pak offers SPI solutions that use optical inspection equipment to identify solder paste deposits on PCB assemblies. We use the information to analyze and eliminate potential process issues, ensure low fallout rates, and boost efficiency.

PCB Assembly Services from Circuit Pak

Need reliable PCB assembly, kitting, quality control, and/or additional services? Circuit Pak provides all of these and more. Since our establishment in 1983, we’ve grown into a leading provider of PCB assemblies and value-added services, giving our customers complete solutions for even the most complex projects.

To get started on a PCB assembly for your application, contact us today or request a quote.