Our History


From Humble Beginnings Come…Great PCBs

It all began in Englewood, Ohio back in 1983 when Dave and Cindy Rice began populating printed circuit boards in their garage, utilizing nothing more than a wave solder machine, and hand placing components.  Like many entrepreneurs, they endured long hours and profits were not always a foregone conclusion.   They were determined to build an exceptional product, nonetheless. Their commitment to quality was a core value they built their foundation upon and was an underlying factor for their growth.  Their customer base steadily began to increase, as numerous OEMs began looking to Circuit Pak for their expertise in the design and assembly of printed circuit boards. 

Today, more than 3 decades and hundreds of customers later, Circuit Pak no longer operates in a garage, but rather a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in Dayton, Ohio.  The ESD controlled facility showcases that same commitment to quality they built the company around back in 1983, by implementing extensive quality control measures to ensure every product built is of the highest quality standards.

While the business has grown larger over the past 41 years, technology has grown to accommodate the demand for a smaller package, as well as the increasing need for a quicker and more cost effective assembly.  While technology continues to advance quickly, Circuit continues to stay ahead of the curve. Boasting 4 high speed surface mount (SMT) lines, automated assembly now takes the place of, or compliments, thru hole assembly.  With no compromise to quality, surface mount technology increases productivity exponentially by placing up to 90,000 parts per hour.  The result is a high quality product that is in line with our core value of delivering excellence in PCB assembly.